For the people who lived in contact with mature, smell was a useful tool of knowledge and subsistence. They could identify the state of food and odors that indicated danger, like the one of wild animals, the smell of a fire, or the proximity of a storm. Nowadays, the use of chemicals, not only disguises the real smell of the substances that otherwise we would not eat, but it also makes us loose our olfactory sensibility.

We can distinguish around 10 000 different smells, this contributes to the richness of our sense of taste. It is well known that there are four basic flavors: sweet, bitter, acid and salty.  The infinite variety of possibilities originates due to the combination with the scents.

The sense of smell is the only one that is impossible to close voluntarily. It is so attached to our respiration so we cannot be without smelling for a long time. Nevertheless, it is also the only one that gets saturated, after a few minutes of perceiving an aroma; we do not perceive it anymore.

Likewise, it is the only one that has no mediation in its arrival to the brain. There is an optical nerve, an auditory nerve, and taste and touch nerves that conduct the stimuli to the nervous cells, but the olfactory bulb is in direct contact with the neurons, to the point that a lot of people consider it a prolongation of the brain.

The smell molecules enter through the nose and have contact with the humidity of the mucus, thus they can be received by the cilia of the olfactory cells, a type of miniature hairs. Immediately, in fractions of seconds, there is a process of identification and connection with the limbic system, the source of the emotions.

But the influence of smells does not end here, but the limbic system connects in one part with the hypothalamus and in another part with the cerebral crust. In the hypothalamus there is the center of regulation of the hormonal system, from which a lot of functions are influenced, for example, relaxation or stimulation of the organism, and, of course, of sexual desire.

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