Essential oils have effect on our body, mind, emotions, and spirit. This is why they harmonize us integrally and favor our spiritual life.

Nowadays, this has been studied in a scientific level and it is known in detail how and where essential oils act.

When essential oils are absorbed by the skin they get to the blood vessels which carry the essential oils through the entire organism. This is how essential oils reach the organs and tissues where they act.

Let’s imagine for a moment, the alchemy of the plant in which an essential oil is produced. It is the most subtle part, the spirit of the plant, which is distilled for long hours in the slow growth from the seed to its maximum development.

During this process, the plant, with the intermediation of solar energy, absorbs the nutritious juices of the Earth and transforms them in delicious fragrances.

Scents are concentrated solar energy; they contain all the force of life and the force of love because they are part of the flowers. With their color, harmony and perfume, they irradiate invitations of love to be fertilized.  All the power of life that is present in them cannot be imitated.

Aromatherapy is alchemy in the sense that is helps us transform the way of functioning of our body, as well as our mental and emotional activity. Essential oils change our quality of life and elevate it to health, well being and harmony.

In the other side, if we begin to understand its more subtle aspects, we will prove that natural scents, for containing the irradiation of life, help attract certain experiences. They also help in the concentration of our mental energies in order to achieve our goals.

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