In Aromas para el Alma, we are dedicated to the creation, fabrication and commercialization of organic aromatherapy products made with natural raw materials (organic certified and of national origin when possible). Our cosmetic laboratory is located in Santa Ana, San José, Costa Rica and our aromatherapy stores are located in downtown Escazú and Barrio Escalante.

Our products:

· Do not contain petroleum derivatives, which implies that we don´t use methyl or propylparabens, amongst others.

· Do not contain animal products nor chemical or synthetic fragrances.

· Are biodegradable, which means that they don´t pollute rivers and seas or any body of water.

· Do not contain chemical preservatives. The preservatives used are derived from plants and seeds.

· Are 100% environment-friendly.

· Do not damage the ozone layer.

· Are not tested on animals.

· We only use recyclable containers and packaging. All our containers can be returned to our laboratory to be recycled.

Most of the essential oils used are organic certified by the USDA and Quality Assurance International. Our oils are therapeutic grade.

We are also a carbon neutral company, which means that to mitigate our impact on the environment native trees are planted in fragile zones like the Corredor Biológico Tenorio Miravalles. This is done through Programa Amigables con el Cambio Climático.

Also a percentage of our sales is donated to the Fundación Corcovado who works with communities in Península de Osa on environmental education, recycling programs, conservation of natural resources, etc.

Aromas para el Alma is a 100% Costa Rican company and conformed mainly by women.
Our mission is to participate actively on improving the quality of life of our planet and its inhabitants. In order to accomplish this, we have created an alternative, natural and friendly line of cosmetics for the body and soul, made with 100% organic certified essential oils.

In Aromas para el Alma we unify the best of modern science with the ancestral knowledge of the healing power of plants and nature. Find all the power of nature in every bottle!

Our vision is to be a leader company in the creation and commercialization of organic, natural and biodegradable cosmetics in Costa Rica, obtaining national coverage and export to Central America, United States and Europe.


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