AROMAS is a brand empowered by the natural, organic, honest and healthy. It all comes back to the origin and purity focused on the overall sustainable well-being for people and the planet.

So we move with a multidimensional purpose: the spiritual, the social and the environmental. Real benefits, real results.

Specialty, authenticity, sustainability, wellness, innovation and peace of spirit are the values that we represent.

Do companies have the power to change the world?

Can a business generate social impact and environmental awareness and at the same time produce economic value?

We are a company with purpose, the essence of an economical and environmental transformation, with social sense.

In AROMAS we create natural and organic Aromatherapy cosmetics made in Costa Rica. We develop innovative products that bring out the natural beauty and improve your moods.

We are part of a global movement of companies and people that are looking to build a new economy, focused on the well-being of individuals, societies, and nature, using the force of the market to solve social, economical and environmental problems.

We are full of pride for being a 100% Costa Rican company with the license Marca País: Essential  Costa Rica and formed by a mayority of women.

Our raw materials are natural and vegan and as far as possible of national origin. The essential oils we use are certified organic by the USDA and Quality Assurance International, or come from biodynamic farms, this ensures its good quality. Furthermore, all of our oils are therapeutic grade.

AROMAS is a carbon neutral company, this means that to mitigate our impact on the environment we plant native trees in fragile areas , as is the Biological CorridorTenorio Miravalles. We do this through the Program Amigables con el Cambio Climático.

In 2018, we obtained the B Corporation Certification.  B corporations are companies that use the power of the market to give concrete solutions to  social and environmental problems. They are businesses that define a purpose that seeks to generate a positive impact in society.

B Corps in Latin America and the world are demonstrating that business can be conducted in a different way, achieving a threefold positive impact: economic, social and environmental.

Thanks to our purpose to build a new economy, a new business model that is fair and promotes consciuosness, we have entered the Costa Rican market, in different channels such as supermarkets, hotels, spas, and specialty shops. Furthermore, we have our own shops, which are present in different commercial centers and local strategic locations.


Points of sale:


Our products:

  • Do not contain petroleum derivatives, this implies that we do not use metyl or propyl parabens, among others.
  • Do not contain animal derivatives, chemical or synthetic fragrances.
  • Are biodegradable, which means that they do not pollute rivers, seas, or any aquifer.
  • Do not contain chemical preservatives. The preservatives used are derived from plants and seeds.
  • Are 100% friendly to the environment.
  • They do not damage the ozone layer.
  • Are not tested on animals.
  • We use only recyclable containers and packaging. All our packages can be delivered directly to our laboratory to be recycled.
  • Are vegan.

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